Current Projects

Cocinas Para Los Niños (Kids' Kitchens)

Kids' Kitchens is the flagship project of CreSer and was born out of the desire to solve the issue of malnutrition to prevent Kindney disease.  Approximately 70% of children residing in the San Pedro Itzicán region experience malnutrition, a significant contributor to the high prevalence of kidney disease in the area. Other children who come for a meal are either orphaned or have parents who, due to various circumstances, are unable to provide for them.

We serve a daily mid-day meal to 500+ children through the operation of five kitchens spread across San Pedro and Mezcala. The success of this initiative owes a debt of gratitude to the invaluable support provided by Foodbank Lakeside.

Friday Kids' Activities

Every Friday one of our volunteers designs a class that is both playful, helpful and enriching. China will create activities that involve music, movement and meditation to connect with our planet and build a healthy relationship to one-self and others. 

Despensas (food distribution)

Once again, the success of this project is indebted to the generosity of Foodbank Lakeside. Every two weeks, a dedicated team of our volunteers transports fresh produce from local fruterrias to San Pedro and Mezcala, ensuring that families in these areas have access to nutritious food free of charge. 

This commitment is special to CreSer, given the prevalent issue of malnutrition within these communities. This region bears the highest per capita concentration of individuals suffering from kidney disease of unknown origin in the world. While the direct cause remains unknown, it underscores the significance of using nutrition as a critical preventive measure against potential new cases.

Community Permaculture Farm

We firmly believe that one of the most powerful means of restoring sovereignty to both communities and individuals is by fostering self-reliance. Cultivating organic food using sustainable practices like Permaculture is a liberating and empowering skill to learn. That's precisely why CreSer established a community farm, where local residents actively engage in learning and contribute to the cultivation of the land. In doing so, they not only acquire valuable skills but also share in the fruit of thier labor during harvest. 

Free Permaculture Classes

In conjunction with the Community Farm, we host a weekly, free-to-the-public permaculture class. In these classes, our dedicated instructors cover various methods employed within a Permaculture System. This is a comprehensive, long-term course that encompasses a wide range of topics, blending both in-class and hands-on learning to foster a deep understanding of the principles involved. Our volunteer instructors, Ommar and Hsuan are not only certified but also collectively boast over 15 years of experience. They find great joy in being part of CreSer and consider it the ideal platform to share their knowledge.

Tuesday Organic Market Ajijic, MX

Visit us at the Ajijic Tuesday Market in Mexico, where you can find our organically grown edible and decorative plants. This initiative was kickstarted by our dedicated volunteers to generate funds for our ongoing permaculture project. 

The future of our Community Permaculture Farm relies on these contributions, and every donation goes directly toward sustaining the project!